8 reasons NOT to send a Greeting Card 送卡片的8个理由

It will:


1.    Turn a bad day into a good one  把糟糕的一天变得美好

2.    Create a memory that changes someone’s life  留下一段足以改变人生的美好记忆。

3.    Connect and share laughter  分享快乐

4.    Create a special romantic moment 制造特别的浪漫时刻

5.    Bring families together 凝聚家人间的亲情

6.    Reach and connect with friends 联络朋友,彼此分享

7.    Inspire, encourage and congratulate 激发灵感,给予鼓励,一起庆祝那些激动人心的时刻

8.    Create a memory that can last a lifetime 留下终生难忘的回忆

Greeting cards have a unique ability to build and enhance relationships.  Very few products can have such a powerful impact on people’s lives… it’s about caring. 



Monikards       莫妮卡

Greeting Cards    创意卡片

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