The Monikards Story


Get inspired... and inspire!


Our vision is to inspire,

connect families and

create memories across continents.


We seek to be the inspiration to inspire others… and help them change their lives.

I'm Monica, the founder of the greeting cards startup MoniKards.

Since my childhood in a small town in Chihuahua, Mexico, that my great-grandfather founded in 1924, I have sent cards to my family and friends, writing greetings to them at any time, but especially on their birthdays.

Back then I struggled to express my feelings in spoken words so, with the help of written greetings and phrases, I sought to make the milestones and ordinary days of my loved ones more special.

Such was my fondness for cards, stamps and postcards that although my best friend and I had many pen pals, I was the one who answered all her letters.

MoniKards originated from a desire to help more young people study at university, as such study expanded my own vision and created a lasting impact on my life. I wanted to start a foundation, but also wanted it to be a sustainable business that would not have to constantly rely on donations. My passion for photography and design illuminated the field I could best work in and, with creative feedback from my husband and friends, I planned how to make my dreams and wishes become reality.

In late November 2014, I came up with the MoniKards first Christmas designs with the help of two talented graphic designers. Living in China, I wanted to merge Western and Chinese elements and language to produce fun, whimsical cards that allowed a sharing of culture across vast distances, as well as keeping people in touch in a lasting, tangible way.

MoniKards began with 10 designs sold cards online and at Christmas bazaars in Beijing. It now has 39 designs available at six stores in Beijing, two in Mexico and on my website  Our new collection will soon be out and the cards will also be available in Europe and the United States.  

This year we also launched the first collection of Charity MoniKards, the funds from which will go to the "The Future is Yours" foundation, whose first project will be to create a mentoring program in Mexico.

MoniKards seeks to make the world a better place, one card at a time, and the nonprofit The Future is Yours foundation is another facet of this dream, and is dedicated to inspiring middle school students to achieve a better future. With its slogan of “Wish it. Dream it. Plan it. Do it!”, the foundation plans to achieve this goal by partnering with mentors from all over the world.

MoniKards  currently has two cards available on the website from which all proceeds are donated to The Future is Yours. Check them and other inspirational cards out here.