Is a nonprofit subsidiary of MoniKards, dedicated to inspiring middle school students to achieve a better future. With its slogan of “Wish it. Dream it. Plan it. Do it!” the foundation plans to achieve this goal by partnering with mentors from all over the world.

These mentors will share with the students what possibilities are available in the job market and help them discover what they are passionate about.  They will then aid them in applying for scholarships so they can achieve their ambitions.

Started by Monica Le Baron and a group of friends in 2015 to help young people in her home town achieve brighter futures, The Future is Yours hopes to expand and help as many people as it can. The goal is to inspire teenagers to grow and expand their minds to the infinite possibilities before them. Wish it. Dream it. Plan it. Do it! is a mantra not only for students, but to inspire anyone to achieve their goals.  Wishing and dreaming provide the inspiration, but planning and doing are the actions that bring our dreams to life.

Donations and volunteers:

The Future is Yours is always on the lookout for mentors. Any and all help is welcome, but we are especially interested in mentors who specialize in entrepreneurship, creative and critical thinking, time management and goal orientation.    If you feel you have the time and skills to help inspire the future of the world, or would like to help out with a donation, please email:

All donations will be used to help promote and facilitate The Future is Yours. 

MoniKards  currently has two cards available from which all proceeds are donated to The Future is Yours. Check them and other inspirational cards out here.