Sleep Better Consultation


It all starts when…

…you take a small action in the right direction.

If we’ve never worked together and you want to have a small taste of what is like to work with me? before investing major bucks. (Or, relatively major.) Let’s do a test run.

In this 90 minutes consultation you will discover:

  • Simple techniques to help you fall asleep and (hopefully) stay sleep all night.

  • Key stretching exercises for your body to work on having a better posture, and be to as neuromuscular balance as possible to reduce pain.

  • Listen to your inner wisdom and take small actions toward felling more calm and present in your busy schedule.

  • Tips to avoid feeling anxious 24/7.

Plus we will work together to create a simple yet effective 21 day “unwind routine” for you to continue working on your own and create long term changes.

Are you ready to get and extra hour of sleep at night?

How much is my investment?

Just $580, like getting professional photography session or beautiful jewelry set. =) What a great gift to give to yourself, a gift you can take with you for ever!

How does it work?

After you purchase the session, you will receive an email with instructions to schedule your online-session and how to prepare for it.

Why should I continue working with you in a Dive Deep Coaching program?

Why take 10X more time and energy when you can accomplish better results in less time & money? Most individuals work better when they have someone taking them by the hand, by working with me you will learn many tools that work on your specific situation.

Not sleeping well is just the tip of the iceberg, is an indication that something else is not going right and is costing more than you think!

How long do I have to wait to get results?

Every human is different, most of my clients feel very peaceful and are able to reduce tension and sleep better that same night, others take a week or so. It depends on you, your life style and severe of our condition. The work we do together is just 20% of the progress you can accomplish (This is key and we discuss this on our session). Ready to start?