Sleep Deeper Coaching


Ready to dive deeper?

To get in the driver’s seat of your life, to start sleeping, felling happier and more energized every morning?

Let’s create a fun, simple and effective plan just for you, tailor for your schedule and sleeping goals.

Are you ready?


Is Sleep Deeper Coaching the right modality for me?

This might be the right program for you if you are a go getter woman. A successful human in your field, a decision maker a … you get it! a badass who needs to learn to slow down, give yourself as much as you are getting other and learn to calm the monkey mind at night to create even more impact in the morning.

How mucho is my investment?

Your investment starts in $8,000 for a three month package. Why take a year when you can feel amazing in just 12 weeks? It’s not pocket change but there is so much value in this program that you might be sending me a huge thank you check (Yeyy!!) at the end of the program as well.

This is a very important investment, if you are able to sleep better you are going to be kicking ass in your own unique way an bringing more serenity, joy, and $$$ to your life, and that my friend is PRICELESS!