Words of love…

Version 2

When I left my corporate job a year ago, I was lost and fearful. My confidence was low, and I didn’t know what direction I should take with my life.

Working with Monica was one of the greatest blessings the Universe sent me. A year after I started working with Monica, I am the most aligned I have ever been. I am 100% sure that the path I’m on is the path I want to continue; I am sure I’m doing what I was born to do.

I feel full of life and grateful, and I own a thriving business. I can’t express how my world has changed for the better from working with Monica.

I encourage any person who wants to be more aligned, sleep better, overcome anxiety and depression, or find their path in life to work with Monica. Her programs will change your life!

Adriana Castillo

Business Coach and Strategist


I’m convinced Monica has the gift of healing. She’s always lifting everyone around her—bringing joy and love everywhere she goes.

I worked with Monica during a particularly stressful time in my life, when I wasn’t able to relax and sleep. During our session, I immediately relaxed. I felt shifts in my mind, in my nervous system, and throughout my body. That night, I fell asleep peacefully.

I highly recommend working with Monica and benefiting from her life-changing influence!

Jenna Carson

Harvard Graduate & Advance Teacher of Therapeutic Yoga