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READY to change your life and sleep better than ever?

Of course you are!

The “Sleep Better Than Ever” Gentle Yoga Session is the PERFECT solution.

It doesn't matter if you’ve never practiced yoga or hiked before, or if you’re an experienced yogi and hiker - the “Sleep Better Than Ever Yoga Therapy Session” is made just for you!

Why? Learn easy and effective tools to improve your sleep quality, start implementing micro-movements that can change your life in a HUGE way, and become more focused and energized. All sessions take place in Mount Cristo Rey at sunset!


SUNDAY, NOV 10th, 4:30 p.m. - 7 p.m.

Get ready to…
-Change your life.
-Sleep better than ever.
-Relax and unwind.
-Feel more centered and more happy.
-Start your Mondays with a smile.
-Enjoy the best sunsets in the world while practicing gentle yoga.
-Get in touch with nature and increase your positive vibrations.
-Learn simple breathing and meditation techniques to quiet the mind and practice anytime you need them.
-Get some much-needed fresh air. Walk 3.5 miles (round trip) and enjoy an epic view of three cities and two countries.
-Align your muscles and prevent pain with gentle and effective stretches (Positional Therapy).
-Meet like-minded souls and make friends.
-Create breathtaking memories and receive the gift of yoga therapy.

WHERE? Mount Cristo Rey, Sunland Park, NM (MAP)

How much is my investment?
Just $25

Space is limited! Get your ticket today!

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Improve your life, sleep better than ever yoga therapy sessions

TUESDAYS, 7:15 p.m.

Not sleeping is the tip of an iceberg - it's an indication of a deeper issue. You might be chronically stressed, in pain, feeling overwhelmed, and/or experiencing anxiety and depression.  Missing out on sleep is actually costing you more than you think: it costs you money, energy, and your peace of mind. Why not start learning to sleep better today?

Join me for gentle yoga therapy sessions where you will learn and practice techniques to calm the nervous system and quiet the mind before bedtime to help improve your life and sleep better than ever.

@ AeroZen Yoga

10110 Montwood, Ste D., El Paso, TX (map)

$25 - New Student Promo

$17 - Drop-in

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Online & Live Sessions

You may also practice around the world with me from the comfort of your home at

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