My Story


A few years ago, I was anxious, chronically stressed, and suffering from insomnia and pain.

I felt unloved, unworthy, and unhappy with my body. After years of trauma and hiding my emotions and not knowing how to express them--and years of constantly giving to others but not taking care of myself-- I developed depression. I was unhappy with myself and in an unhappy marriage. I knew something needed to change.  And at this stage I knew I could not do it on my own.

I looked everywhere for help. I tried psychotherapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture, self help books, and every healing modality I could find.

I experienced my deepest period of depression when I was living in Beijing. I was working full time at a prestigious university, running my greeting card startup, working part time as a photographer as well as participating in photo exhibitions, running, playing basketball, and keeping a vibrant social life. I was doing too much.

I received acupuncture sessions which helped temporarily, but an hour later, my symptoms of pain would return. I felt like I was dependent on this service and just waiting for Saturday morning to come so that I could get relief again. It was not until I discovered yoga therapy that my life began to change: I started sleeping, my mood improved,  I began to take care of myself, I learned to love myself and to eliminate toxic activities and people from my life, and I started having more good days and crying less.

Together, my yoga therapist and I explored different yoga techniques to help me become more aware of my body,  and especially to notice things that would trigger my anxiety, anger, or make me sad. Then we created a plan of simple techniques, such as breath work, that I could use throughout my busy day to help me calm down. We also created a short and simple evening yoga routine to help me fall asleep and get eight hours of sleep each night. This was life changing after so many years of insomnia.  

I discovered joy again and I took ownership of my healing and happiness.  Now I can really feel like myself and celebrate the uniqueness of being me.  

Yoga therapy has played an essential role in helping me overcome fear and make difficult decisions, such as overcoming my fear of terminating my marriage. I wasn’t happy in my marriage and my body was manifesting pain all over, screaming for help. Divorce was a courageous decision I needed to make for my own well-being, and it was one of the most difficult experiences of my life. It was also one of my biggest lessons.

My life-changing experience with yoga therapy led me to become a yoga therapist so that I can help you start your self-healing journey with confidence and fearlessness, empowered to finally face your inner wounds and to make peace with your past choices, and live your life with joy.

I would be happy to speak on the phone with you for a discovery call to see if yoga therapy is the right healing modality for you. Schedule a free 30 minute session today here.