20 years Meditating!!!


NOTE: Please read this story from a 15-year-old perspective, as that's how I wrote it, from the bottom of my πŸ’— as I rediscover myself and remember moments in life that shaped me. I am not pointing fingers in any way just writing from my side of the story and trying to understand who I am and acknowledging my strengths. If these words affect u in anyway, please comment below being 100% respectful and 100 % honest. Namaste! πŸ™ƒ πŸ’• πŸ™ƒ


Just now, I realized that I started meditating 20 years ago, as well as my carrier as a family business management and chef.  Honestly, sometimes you don't need the "diploma" to give credit for your work. 

As my parents had the typical "marriage problems", my Mom had a cold, and my older sister got married ( this was a good thing... But will tell u this story another time ) So, as the second oldest daughter of a family of ten. I took over... For reals at age 15!!!πŸ₯‡ I think there was only 8 of us back then. So I became the family manager aka Madrastra as my friends used to call me.  I made sure that my "kids" yes my kids, or as some of u may call them "ungrateful employees" ... got there homework and chores done. While I got my cooking carrier started. I would cook the worsted food ever, plus I would take forever to cook it, but hunger is the best spice, right? 

By the time I was done, I would go to my friends home to have my meal at her place. Honestly, I couldn't eat my own food. Thank God, patience and practice paid back, now I can make a delicious meal out of anything. I am not a recipe follower but I can cook. 

Not only would I have my siblings taking care of, I would keep the house spotless, was active in school leader, basketball MVP and would have a perfect & clean backyard. 

Gardening was my meditation. I would go outside and get away from the noise, and take some time to create something beautiful. When my kids would go outside as well I would have them help me and I would go inside my place to do homework, read or wash dishes ( my favorite meditation practice). 

Meditation is not the practice of silencing the mind, is the act of focusing on something. 

I was too young to take all the responsibilities I did. But, that decision shape the women and leader I am today. So I am grateful for every lesson, struggle, and all the fun memories. 

I haven't been gardening for a long time. But I do look for creative ways to include meditation in my life. Like walking, coloring and laughing in the shower. 

How do you meditate? 

And if u don't, Is there a small step u can take to start incorporating it into your life TODAY? 


Photo by the amazing Ale SaldaΓ±a

The thing about meditation is: You become more and more you.
— David Lynch