The present well spent builds the future.

In order to do something well
we must first be willing to do it badly.
— Julia Cameron, The Artist Way

I was blessed with getting the teachings of "The Artist Way" by Julia Cameron when I had a really, really bad cold, was married & lived in Beijing. Annnnnd last month I was extra blessed to take a weekend workshop with Julia at Kripalu.  Since then, I am learning to pray with Julia's lattes book: Prayers to the Great Creator.  I find it so peaceful and easy to digest. Today, I would like to share a prayer from this book with you. Hope you enjoy it and please share it if you find it helpful. 

Love and popcorn your way...

"Your life feels overwhelming. Your future looms large and unknown. Turn to me. Let me be a source of comfort. Ask me for help so that your agitation and stress may be lifted.  Allow me to shoulder your burdens.

The future unfolds one day at a time. Respect that pace. Do not hurry forward into tomorrow. Allow me to lead you, to enter your days and fill them with peace. I have a peaceful heart for you. Enter my heart and allow me to share my abundant sense of wellbeing. Unfold your days with me and lose your sense of panic and loss. This earth is abundant. It holds joy for you, and contentment. Bring me to your restless heart. Allow me to gently your soul.  When you go forward without me., there is always a sense of grasping.  Your fear is not enough to fill your hungry heart.  

Walk with me and discover bounty. There is more than enough to fill your heart. Take time with me. Allow me to set the pacing of your day. Relax with me.  Allow me to grace your days with quiet productivity. There is no rush. The present well spent builds the future. Each day is a gift to you. Each day contains time enough for harmony. Give me your sense of urgency. Allow me to transform it into a sense of purpose. Give me each day and I will give it back to you transformed and shining with love." 

Answered Prayers, p. 469-470


Photo by the amazing Ale Saldaña

Monica Le Baron