I be(lie)ve in Miracles!


Why does the word believe has the word lie on it?  Why happy people get very bad colds? Why successful couples get Ddd...ivorce? Why beautiful souls feel ugly, fat and not good enough?  Why moms and leaders feel guilty to take time off for themselves? Why is perfectionism even a thing? Why? Why? Why?

They are so many questions. They are so many possible answers. There is so much pain around these emotional blocks. There is stigmas, confusion, judgment and I truly believe (without the “lie” part) that a lot of humans keep lying to themselves and some don’t have a clue about it, even though the body is screaming for help. Sending at first small pain signals, and if you don't listen they get bigger and BIGGER!

I know this because for years I did not have a clue about it.  First, I thought it was PMS, then stress, after anxiety, and everything led to a very, very bad could, I REAL one. But, this post is not about the D words. Is about M.i.r.a.c.l.e.s., is about being open to the possibility that the universe has placed me in the right place and in the exact spot I need to be, to learn, to grow and to appreciate life. And as Gabrielle Bernstein, my new spiritual junkie puts it, to “trust that every second you choose a new perspective is a miracle.”

I trust that the Universe was my has my back and I am open for miracles to begin!

What miracle are you open for today??


Namaste & Pecan Pie Hugs,



in the power
of your intentions and,
your prayers, and now that
that is ENOUGH
— Gabby Bernstein