11 Tips to Slow Down and Sleep Better than Ever!


Is your life is in fast forward mode? Do u feel like you are carrying a lot of weight on your shoulders, and can't release the tension to stay asleep all night?

Try one of these tips and stick to it at least for a week. Make it simple so you can practice it and feel successful at the end of the week. If after seven days you feel like your rocking it, you can continue for another week or month, if you don’t like it choose another one.

In the video below you may hear and see the examples for the first 3 tips.

Ready? Here they are:

1. Take a moment in the morning to write down anything that comes out. Don't worry if it makes sense or if is grammatically correct or not. If u don't know what to write, just write "I don't know what to write." until you fill three pages. Julia Cameron, “The Artist Way” author calls this exercise: "Morning pages."

This is basically a brain dump and actually it may help you to acknowledge any dreams, thoughts or ideas that you had while sleeping. I been practicing this exercise for over 5 years now and it helps me to feel more peaceful and centered.

2. Meditate for 60 seconds. You don’t really need more to start, one minute does make a difference. Try it! If you like you can add a minute a day until you hit 5 to 30 minutes, Try to KISS (keep it simple sweetie).

3. Sit in silence and set an intention for your day. Set your timer if you like, sit comfortably, place your hands in any Mudra you prefer, I like Anjali and Hakini, palms facing up is also great (See video below for details).

Notice your toes and listen to your body and hearth. Take a moment to set a positive affirmation in the present tense - this is your intention. Something like, "I'm calm", "I am present" or anything that resonates with your hearth and body, not the mind or the ego. Repeat it 3 times and feel it in your body, just like when you imagine a delicious and warm dark chocolate cake with pecans and strawberries. Are you smiling right now? This is how you should feel it.

4. Notice trough your day when you feel anxious, overwhelm, reactive or that you need to slow down. You may use the word STOP to actually make your mind stop, then notice your breath, feel your toes and remember your intention. Repeat as many times as needed. Is “muy importante” to notice with out judgement.

5. Inhale and count to five. If it feels comfortable hold your breath for five then exhale in ten. If it doesn’t feel comfortable to hold your breath or count until cinco, just let your exhales be longer than your inhales.

6. Say NO, thank you to all your social activities, and let yourself stay at home with no agenda. Netflix, bubble bath, cereal and a book are all good ideas. Please, don’t over do it. Yes, I’m talking to you.

7. Make yourself a cup of tea with out caffeine and then turn off your computer, cellphone and lights in your home. Stay in the dark or turn on a candle and give yourself permission to just be present.

8. Time management is not about time, is about energy. Therefore, I recommend to cut your to-do list into half and double the time you estimate to complete on each activity.

9. SCREAM!!! Honestly, it helps to release tension and clear the mind.

10. Set a timer and dance like no one is watching in your kitchen, office or anywhere. Shakira, Rhianna or Mozart are great dancing partners.

11. Do more things that give you joy. Go for a date with yourself once a week. Yes, this one is from Julia as well. An artist date doesn’t have to be fancy, but it could. Get out of your comfort zone, and a fun or special place that you been craving to visit, don’t wait any longer for your partner or a friend to go with you. This is a solo activity so go to the movies, a museum or anywhere you desire.

What else would you add to this list? Which tip will you start to implement to slow down in your day, be more present and sleep like a rock? Please comment below.

Avocado hugs,


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Monica Le Baron